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Wires & Cables

In Air conditioning power current likes to movement close to the surface of a wire (skin impact) with our Finolex Wires and Cables. Air conditioning power in a wire likewise makes an attractive field conform to it (inductance). This field impacts other adjacent wires, (for example, in a winding) causing vicinity impact. These properties of our Finolex Wires and Cables must be managed when outlining an air conditioner circuit. Power voyages all the more effectively in exceptionally conductive components like copper, silver or gold, the less conductive the material; the bigger the measurement must be to convey a similar current load. Finolex Wires and Cables correct wire breadth for the activity, bringing current up in a wire builds the resistivity and creates more warmth. As you'll find in the outline underneath copper can convey more present than aluminum while conveying a similar load.

Key Features:

1) Is a solitary electrical transmitter.
2) Link is a gathering of wires swathed in sheathing.
3) Are utilized to convey electrical streams.
4) Guaranteeing a smooth power supply.
Our range of Polycab Wires & Cables is used for underground wiring work. These are also used as winding wires for conveying high frequency signal via electrical machinery and transformer. Equipped with copper clad aluminum conductor, these PVC or silicon rubber insulated wires are reckoned for their standard soldering attributes, high electrical conductivity level, cost effectiveness, good heat dispersion capacity and light weight nature. These cables contain necessary parts like copper wire braided screen and polypropylene mesh made filler. These cables can be painted with various colors. PVC or plastic part of these cables is completely Eco friendly and is protected against fire, oil and freezing. Homogeneous insulation thickness of these Polycab Wires & Cables resists breakdown of transferred current.


1) Offered cables and wires are insulated with silicon rubber or PVC.
2) Colorful appearance.
3) Good thermal properties and high conductivity level are the key attributes of these wires.
4) Flame proof design.
Featured with cross linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) based design, these Unistar Wires & Cables are suitable for medium voltage application purpose. These cables are equipped with PVC jacket, PE or PVC sheath, copper or aluminum conductor. These wires use semi conductor based screen and polypropylene yarn made filler. Steel tape or wire or aluminum wire is used to design their armour part. These are basically used for power distribution and transmission work. Apart from their chemical corrosion protected design, these wires are preferred for their exceptional mechanical attributes and good electrical conductivity level. These Unistar Wires & Cables are completely protected against high temperature and short circuit. Light in weight, these cables have long working life and their maintenance cost is affordable.


1) Aluminum or copper conductor of these cables ensures their better conductivity level.
2) These are equipped with PE or PVC jacket.
3) Can endure high temperature.
4) XLPE based insulation technology.