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Electric Motors

Our Siemens Motors cover an execution goes up to 4000 kW. Favorable circumstances of our air conditioning engine frameworks are many: they are very effective with a positive vitality adjust; they accompany blast assurance to meet high wellbeing norms; and they comply with IEC or NEMA guidelines. The numerous standard highlights that accompany each Siemens Motors low voltage engine guarantee the most astounding conceivable financially savvy task. DC engines and effective high-voltage engines for use in ships, moving factories, metal plants and substantial mud pumps and compressors in the oil and gas industry. Our Siemens Motors, which have been composed and arranged for digitization, are persuading in numerous regions of utilization through inventive innovation, basic taking care of and future-sealing. Find the benefits of canny drive frameworks!

Key Features:

1) Higher plant accessibility
2) Enhanced execution
3) Advanced serviceability
4) Profoundly powerful execution for situating and dealing with
Hindustan Motors proselytes electrical vitality into mechanical vitality. The turnaround of this is the transformation of mechanical vitality into electrical vitality and is finished by an electric generator, which has much in the same manner as an engine. Most electric Hindustan Motors work through the cooperation between an electric engine's attractive field and twisting streams to produce compel. In specific applications, for example, in regenerative braking with footing engines in the transportation business, motors can likewise be utilized as a part of invert as generators to change over mechanical vitality into electric power. Hindustan Motors are found in applications as assorted as modern fans, blowers and pumps, machine apparatuses, family unit machines, control instruments, and plate drives, electric engines can be controlled by coordinate current (DC) sources, for example, from batteries, engine vehicles or rectifiers, or by exchanging current(AC) sources, for example, from the power framework, inverters or generators.

Key Features:

1) Broadly useful engines with profoundly institutionalized measurements.
2) Give helpful mechanical energy to modern utilize.
3) Utilized for deliver drive, pipeline pressure and pumped-stockpiling applications.
4) Might be ordered by electric power source write, inside development, and so on.
Our most offering and most practical unit, Bonfiglioli Motors, sets new guidelines for unwavering quality and economy and incorporates unparalleled standard highlights. An inverter agreeable outline accommodates simple incorporation now and a genuinely future verification arrangement. Inch or metric dimensioned yield shafts are standard accommodating simple incorporation into every one of your applications. The Bonfiglioli Motors offers add up to adaptability in mounting choices incorporates foot, base, face, and rib arrangements. The engine terminal box can be mounted in elective positions pivoted in 90° stages around the engine outline accommodating unparalleled coordination conceivable outcomes. Unrivaled security of IP65 acc. to IEC 529 of our Bonfiglioli Motors guarantees you that the BG arrangement is clean tight and hose verification, and can be utilized outside or in wet and dusty conditions without the utilization of extra walled in areas.

Key Features:

1) Flexible establishment conceivable outcomes.
2) Totally encased, fixed against clean and water splash.
3) Oil change first after 15000 hrs.
4) Low clamor adapting.
Developed from best grade aluminum alloy, our range of Panasonic Motors is used in chemical, food processing, dye making and ceramic industries. These motors use flange or bore type gearbox shaft. Planetary gear part of these motors is made of finest quality alloy steel that has gone through a number of procedures like curburizing and tooth grinding to maintain precision of shape. Connection plate of these motors can easily integrate with all sorts of servo motors irrespective of their brand. Advanced gear hardening technology adopted by these Panasonic Motors helps to extend their service life. Low noise and vibration, rust proof structure, single piece structure of output shaft and planetary arm bracket are the key attributes of these motors.


1) These motors can be installed into DC and AC servo motor without using any additional tools.
2) Small and compact in shape, these planetary motors have high torque rate.
3) Low noise and vibration.
4) Corrosion protected surface of gearbox.
Under the range of Bharat Bijlee, our customers may find hoist duty motors, fire-safe motors, unloader motors, and allied systems to ease their handling and operational requirements.